Call for proposals is done!

Thank you everyone for submitting! I am pleased to say that we have never had such a FLOOD of excellent submissions! This conference is sure to be exciting!

We had to make some hard decisions, including turning down many submissions in order to fit it all into the time, space and track constraints. We hope that if we turned you down, you understand that it was just logistics, and we hope you’ll try again next year.

Are you presenting at the conference? Of course you are! That’s great! Bring a friend!

We want this to be the year that we attract a lot of new faces and fresh ideas. If you work with someone who has something interesting to share, please ask them to consider sharing it at this year’s SUNYLA conference at FIT! It doesn’t matter if they’re not a member of SUNYLA – becoming a member is very affordable and makes you eligible for professional development grants and other benefits.

Maybe you know a MSIS student or a new librarian who’s never presented before? SUNYLA is a very welcoming environment to start out in, and presents plenty of opportunities for getting to know colleagues and mentors.

Or maybe you know someone who works at a non-SUNY library or is in an allied career. If they have something relevant to contribute, we’d love to hear from them!

Here’s the Call For Proposals.

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