Registration for the SUNYLA Conference is LIVE!

Go here to register:

A few notes:
– Registration is $75 for students, $100 for members and $175 for nonmembers. (The registration form has an option to become a first-time member for $20, so if you are a non-member, you may wish to take that option.) Payment is by either check or Paypal.

– Registration closes May 11, and payment must be received by May 18.

– You need your member number to register at member rate. If you don’t have yours, ask your campus delegate. If you don’t know who your delegate is, look up your campus here – Delegates will have a D next to their name.

– As usual, you can pay your dues when you register. If you want to register as a SUNYLA member, and you are not paid up right now, you can pay for 2012 and it will last through the 2012 conference. You can also pay for the following year, which will last through the end of the 2013 conference.

– Each presenting group gets up to two member-rate registration vouchers! Each poster presenter up to two 10% vouchers. Each 20 minute tech talk gets one 50% voucher. Vouchers CAN be split among group members.

– FIT dorms do not provide sheets, towels, pillows, etc. You will have to either bring these yourself, or order them from a store and arrange to have them ready to pick up in Manhattan. The locals recommend the nearby KMart.

– There are no dinners to sign up for. A dine-around sign up form will be making its way to you shortly. Paying for dinner will be handled by the group leader. We made this decision because it is actually cheaper for you to eat out at a fairly nice restaurant in Manhattan than it is to pay for a dinner catered at FIT. Also because who wants to miss a chance to eat dinner out on the town?

– A pre-conference excursions sign-up form will be coming around soon. Money will be taken at the excursion, so bring cash. Things to think about: Book Expo at the Javitz Center, a tour of Highline Park, myriad museums and site-seeing opportunities!

– When you register, that counts as signing a document taking financial responsibility for any damages to the dorms. This is because FIT doesn’t have that kind of waiver for you to sign individually. They make the organization responsible for any damages, and we will have to recoup it from you ourselves.

Thank you to Logan Rath, for setting up the registration form; Greg Bobish, for helping me deal with payment things; and NJ Wolfe and Tabitha Hanslick for helping me deal with housing, meals, excursions and the like!

Go here to register:

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