The Parking Situation

Welcome to the jungle.

FIT does not have student or faculty parking. Public parking is expensive, scarce, and no closer to FIT than the train station.

We STRONGLY recommend that you take the train in.

If you can take Amtrak, the Albany/Rensselaer station has sheltered parking for $10 a day, and there are spaces big enough for  vans.

If you can’t take Amtrak, consider taking the Metro North and then either a cab to FIT or the subway to Penn Station. Bring cash for tickets and parking at the train station, cab fare, etc. The Poughkeepsie train station, which is the terminus for Metro North, has multi-day parking in the metered parking section.*  Croton-Harmon also has a multi-day parking lot, and although I’ve never personally used it, the reviews are good.

If you must drive into the city, budget $35 for every 24 hours (or more if you have a large vehicle.) Here are two tools to help you find a parking lot or garage in the neighborhood of FIT:

  1. –
  2. Parkopedia –

Wheeled luggage and backpacks are a good idea. So is hailing a cab to carry it all, even if it’s only a couple blocks.

* Tom Trinchera notes that Poughkeepsie parking is pretty full by 8am, leaving you to park on Rinaldi Blvd. and then pay for it at the meter. He comments that it can be a bit of a walk, and is not the kind of neighborhood where you want to leave your car unless it’s the state car that gets 22 miles to the gallon and has a trunk that won’t stay shut.
Here is a map of Poughkeepsie train station parking –

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4 Responses to The Parking Situation

  1. Tom Trinchera, Dutchess Comm. College says:

    One more suggestion folks! If you do choose long term parking in Poughkeepsie, be sure to memorize or write down the number of your parking slot! You don’t want to be stuck walking back to get it, especially if time is tight!

  2. Jennifer Blum says:

    There are 2 parking lots extremely close to FIT both on the north side of 28th st. between 7th and 8th Ave. The one closer to 8th Ave. is an open lot and charges $28 for 24 hours. The second one which is cheaper and closer to 7th Ave. is Troy Parking (217-219 W. 28th St.). It is $19 if you enter before 10 am. The only catch is that you must leave before 7:00 pm as it closes promptly at that time.

    • Barbara Kobritz says:

      Does that mean no overnight parking? We’re looking for a place where we can park Wednesday afternoon and pick up the car Friday afternoon.

      • Sarah Morehouse says:

        There IS overnight parking, but it is a bit of a walk, very expensive, and spaces are easier to find for compact cars and sedans.

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