Housing Check-in and Check-out


Updated information: 

Housing check-in takes place in Alumni Hall.
UPDATE: Notice that check-in hours have been extended to 11pm!

  • Tuesday from 9am to 11pm
  • Wednesday from 9am to 11pm
  • Thursday from 9am to 11pm
Please make every effort to check in during regular hours, but in extreme cases if you need to check in after 8pm, locate Sarah Morehouse (518-313-9337).
At check-in, you will receive your room key, ID card, and an information packet. You will need to carry your ID card with you at all times, because FIT has zealous security, and the dorms have door guards.

Alumni Hall (the dorm) is 210.
The Great Hall is CC.
Dubinsky is A.


Registration for the conference is separate from housing check in.

  • There is no conference registration on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday – go to Dubinsky 8th floor between 1pm and 6pm (times still not certain)
  • Thursday – go to the Great Hall between 7:30am and 6pm (times still not certain)


Housing check-out also takes place in Alumni Hall any day or time. All you need to do is drop your key in the box provided. Everyone needs to be checked out by 1pm on Friday without exception.

We had previously said that you had to be checked out by 11am, but FIT Summer Housing agreed to give us 2 more hours.

We are making arrangements for a supervised baggage storage area in the Great Hall (where you’ll be having breakfast) so you don’t have to carry your things around all morning.

Any damage or mess that requires more than the usual amount of cleaning will be billed to SUNYLA. In turn, SUNYLA will bill you.


If any kind of emergency comes up, call me (Sarah Morehouse) at 518-313-9337. I am on call 24 hours a day. My back up is NJ Wolfe, and his phone number is  732-710-9030. Of course, if it’s a real emergency, call security and/or 911 first and then call me!

A note on some of the policies

During the summer, FIT opens its dorms to groups, many of which consist of young teens. For this reason, their policies are based on the idea of in loco parentis.

  1. There is a zero tolerance policy on alcohol, tobacco and drugs and related paraphernalia in the dorms. You can’t have a bottle of wine  in your dorm that you intend to drink elsewhere.
    Update: We have been notified that they do NOT confiscate cigarettes. They are the one exception to the “paraphernalia” rule.

    1. They have promised not to do inspections, but they warned me that if they have to enter your room for a sprinkler leak or something, and it is visible, you will be removed from housing.
  2. All members of a suite have to be of the same sex unless you show them a marriage license. The conference committee is very aware of how problematic this rule is.
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3 Responses to Housing Check-in and Check-out

  1. Dave Ritchie says:

    What do the suites consist of? Specifically, in the kitchen area, is there: a full-size fridge? cooktop burners? oven? microwave? pots & pans? dishes? utensils? dishwashing supplies (soap, sponge, drainers, towels or paper towels)? We have several people staying in a suite together who have food allergies and may need to prepare their own food for at least one meal each day, so we need to know what will be provided.

    • Sarah Morehouse says:

      Hang on, I am requesting that info right now. Sorry I couldn’t answer your call – I’m at the CIT conference in a session.

      Would you like to talk to the catering people about your food allergy concerns? I can get you their contact info.

    • Sarah Morehouse says:

      Only the basic appliances are included – fridge, oven/range, and sink.

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