Wireless Access at FIT

Making sure your computer is ready

Basically, before you leave home, make sure your operating system (either Windows or Mac) and antivirus are updated.

Your username and password

Update: these are case sensitive!

Password:  Summer2012

The “Bradford Test”

Update: this is a little downloaded app that deletes itself once it is done.

Before you can connect, FIT’s network will “test” your system for up to date operating system and antivirus. Don’t panic!

Trouble connecting?

To trouble shoot your connection, visit: www.fitnyc.edu/7867.asp.

FIT Housing tells us that there will be IT help in/near the Great Hall.

Will I have wifi in the dorms?

Only if you are registered to stay in the dorms. People who are not staying in the dorms will have wifi access in the Great Hall.

Update: Alas, we do not have wifi in the public areas other than the Great Hall. This is not due to any oversight, mistake, or misconception on the part of FIT Library or the Local Arrangements committee. It is FIT policy. We regret the inconvenience.

FIT Library has made arrangements to make their computer lab on the 4th Floor of E building available to SUNYLA attendees.It is open between 9am and 7pm. In addition, Starbucks and Argo Tea are across the street, open late, and have wireless for a small fee.

Seriously, try Argo Tea. I’m not going home until I try all their signature drinks.

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1 Response to Wireless Access at FIT

  1. NJ Wolfe says:

    SUNYLA attendees please keep in mind that ONLY those individuals staying in FIT dorms will have wireless access campus wide. Individuals day tripping or staying elsewhere will ONLY have WIFI in the Great Hall space.

    Please plan accordingly.

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