Set-up info for poster presenters

If you are presenting a poster on Thursday, set up is at 3pm in the Great Hall.

Don’t want to carry your poster around with you all day? You can store it safely with Tabitha Hanslick Nguyen on the 5th floor of E Building (a.k.a. the library.)

Please mark your materials clearly with your name, contact info, and title of your presentation.

E Building houses the library.
CC is the Great Hall.
210 is Alumni Hall (the dorms.)

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2 Responses to Set-up info for poster presenters

  1. Steph Herfel says:

    If you dropped your poster off at the FIT Library then it will transported to the Great Hall for you at setup time. ~Steph

    • Sarah Morehouse says:

      I believe the same is true if you had your poster shipped to FIT from Empire State College’s printer. I saw the big box of them yesterday.

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