Where to eat?

Our local arrangements committee went overboard in creating a list of local eateries. The link below is to a Google Spreadsheet of the restaurants. Each entry has the name of the restaurant and a link to its web site (with menu of course), the type of cuisine, the price range, and a link to Google walking directions.

Where to eat near FIT – http://bit.ly/JhY9vA

If you are looking for some people to go out with, use the #sunyla2012eats hashtag on Twitter.

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Train and subway info for upstaters

If you are coming in by Amtrak or LIRR, then you have it easy. Penn Station is so close to FIT that it’s on their campus map!

FIT Campus Map.
Alumni Hall (the dorm) is 210.
The Great Hall is CC.
Dubinsky is A.

If you’re coming in by Metro North, then you’ll arrive in Grand Central Station. You can hail a cab or take the subway. If you take the subway, take the  Subway Shuttle/S train to Times Square, and then the 1 train downtown to 28th Street (FIT).

Navigating the subway can seem intimidating at first, but all you have to do is read the signs to know which platform to go to for the train you want. When you get to the platform, there are more signs overhead, and the trains have signs in their windows saying which direction they’re going in.

To travel on the subway, you need a Metrocard, which you swipe at the turnstile. Some Metronorth and LIRR tickets come with a Metrocard that’s preloaded with a few fares. If you don’t have one, there are automatic kiosks to buy one and load it with money.

If you have a mobile device, go to http://onthego.mta.info  for maps, schedules, and more information.

Thanks to Sara Rofofsky Marcus for all her help with public transit and walking directions!

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Arriving early? What to do on Tuesday:

Association of Jewish Libraries – New York Metropolitan Area – Spring Conference

The New York Metropolitan Area Chapter of the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL-NYMA) invites you to attend its Spring Conference devoted to the topic of “Explorations in the Spoken, the Written, the Visual: Oral Histories, Children’s Literature and Art.” The conference will be held on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 1-4:30 pm, at Temple Emanu-El, One East 65th Street, New York, NY 10065 (at 65th Street and Fifth Avenue).



**RSVP by June 1st**; Elizabeth Stabler, lizastabler@yahoo.com(212) 744-1400, ext. 360.  Member fee, $10; non-member fee $18. Payment is at the door. *A valid photo ID is required for entrance.*

To get there from FIT:
Walk North (street numbers going up) along 7th Avenue to West 32nd Street.
Take the M4 bus (towards Washington Heights / Cloisters).
Get off at Madison Avenue and East 66 Street.
Walk South (street numbers going down) to 1 East 65th Street.


Take the 1 train North to 42nd Street / Times Square
Transfer to the R train (towards Queens) to 5th Avenue / 59th Street
Walk North to 65th Street and East to Madison Avenue.

Book Expo at the Javits Center



A one-day pass for a librarian costs $45.
Attendee registration here – https://www.compusystems.com/servlet/ar?evt_uid=586&campaigncode=CampSE

To get there from FIT:
Walk NORTH on 7th Avenue (cars going opposite direction) to 38th Street.
Turn LEFT, walk to the opposite side of 11th Avenue.
Take 1 train NORTH to 34th Street
Take local bus (M34) going WEST to 11th Avenue and 34th Street.
Walk NORTH (cars going opposite direction) to 38th Street.

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Housing Check-in and Check-out


Updated information: 

Housing check-in takes place in Alumni Hall.
UPDATE: Notice that check-in hours have been extended to 11pm!

  • Tuesday from 9am to 11pm
  • Wednesday from 9am to 11pm
  • Thursday from 9am to 11pm
Please make every effort to check in during regular hours, but in extreme cases if you need to check in after 8pm, locate Sarah Morehouse (518-313-9337).
At check-in, you will receive your room key, ID card, and an information packet. You will need to carry your ID card with you at all times, because FIT has zealous security, and the dorms have door guards.

Alumni Hall (the dorm) is 210.
The Great Hall is CC.
Dubinsky is A.


Registration for the conference is separate from housing check in.

  • There is no conference registration on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday – go to Dubinsky 8th floor between 1pm and 6pm (times still not certain)
  • Thursday – go to the Great Hall between 7:30am and 6pm (times still not certain)


Housing check-out also takes place in Alumni Hall any day or time. All you need to do is drop your key in the box provided. Everyone needs to be checked out by 1pm on Friday without exception.

We had previously said that you had to be checked out by 11am, but FIT Summer Housing agreed to give us 2 more hours.

We are making arrangements for a supervised baggage storage area in the Great Hall (where you’ll be having breakfast) so you don’t have to carry your things around all morning.

Any damage or mess that requires more than the usual amount of cleaning will be billed to SUNYLA. In turn, SUNYLA will bill you.


If any kind of emergency comes up, call me (Sarah Morehouse) at 518-313-9337. I am on call 24 hours a day. My back up is NJ Wolfe, and his phone number is  732-710-9030. Of course, if it’s a real emergency, call security and/or 911 first and then call me!

A note on some of the policies

During the summer, FIT opens its dorms to groups, many of which consist of young teens. For this reason, their policies are based on the idea of in loco parentis.

  1. There is a zero tolerance policy on alcohol, tobacco and drugs and related paraphernalia in the dorms. You can’t have a bottle of wine  in your dorm that you intend to drink elsewhere.
    Update: We have been notified that they do NOT confiscate cigarettes. They are the one exception to the “paraphernalia” rule.

    1. They have promised not to do inspections, but they warned me that if they have to enter your room for a sprinkler leak or something, and it is visible, you will be removed from housing.
  2. All members of a suite have to be of the same sex unless you show them a marriage license. The conference committee is very aware of how problematic this rule is.
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The Parking Situation

Welcome to the jungle.

FIT does not have student or faculty parking. Public parking is expensive, scarce, and no closer to FIT than the train station.

We STRONGLY recommend that you take the train in.

If you can take Amtrak, the Albany/Rensselaer station has sheltered parking for $10 a day, and there are spaces big enough for  vans.

If you can’t take Amtrak, consider taking the Metro North and then either a cab to FIT or the subway to Penn Station. Bring cash for tickets and parking at the train station, cab fare, etc. The Poughkeepsie train station, which is the terminus for Metro North, has multi-day parking in the metered parking section.*  Croton-Harmon also has a multi-day parking lot, and although I’ve never personally used it, the reviews are good.

If you must drive into the city, budget $35 for every 24 hours (or more if you have a large vehicle.) Here are two tools to help you find a parking lot or garage in the neighborhood of FIT:

  1. BestParking.com – http://nyc.bestparking.com/index.php#1
  2. Parkopedia – http://en.parkopedia.com/parking/school/fashion-institute-of-technology-ny/

Wheeled luggage and backpacks are a good idea. So is hailing a cab to carry it all, even if it’s only a couple blocks.

* Tom Trinchera notes that Poughkeepsie parking is pretty full by 8am, leaving you to park on Rinaldi Blvd. and then pay for it at the meter. He comments that it can be a bit of a walk, and is not the kind of neighborhood where you want to leave your car unless it’s the state car that gets 22 miles to the gallon and has a trunk that won’t stay shut.
Here is a map of Poughkeepsie train station parking – http://www.rrparking.com/system/files/177/original/Poughkeepsie%20Station.pdf

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Registration extended until Friday, May 18!

By popular demand, the registration deadline has been extended one week! Spread the word!

Click here to register: http://www.sunyla.org/registration/2012/

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Points of interest (with walking/public transport directions)

FIT is right in the thick of things, but the prospect of navigating can be intimidating for people who aren’t from The Big City (like me.) Sara Rofofsky Marcus offered to work up some walking directions for her home town. They are listed below.

Also remember that Google Maps will give walking and public transportation directions!

220 feet
Walk out onto 27th Street. Turn East and walk to Starbucks (it is on the same side of 27th Street as FIT).

0.4 miles
Walk North on 7th Avenue to 34th Street (Penn Station)

Duane Reade (open weekdays 7am to 9pm.)
0.4 miles
Walk North on 7th Avenue past 28th Street

24 Hour Duane Reade
Walk North to 48th Street
turn Left and walk West to 8th Avenue

Whole Foods
0.2 miles
Walk East on W 27th St.
Turn Right onto 7th Ave.
It will be on your right.

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